General Information

Dog Breed Group: Working Dog

Size Category: Medium dog breeds

Height: Ranges from 35 to 60 pounds

Lifespan: Ranges from 12 to 15 years.

Brief History

The arresting beauty of the Siberian Husky can be attributed to its ancient and pure lineage. The breed was developed by the Chukchi hunting people, who needed strong sled dogs to help them transport loads through the Siberian Arctic. The Chukchi were deeply religious, and believed the gates to heaven to be guarded by two Siberian Huskies. In the early twentieth century Siberian Huskies were used as sled dogs in Alaska during the gold rush, and not long after the breed sadly disappeared from their native Siberia completely.

Dog Breed Characteristics

A. Protection Ability

Generally speaking, Siberian Huskies are not suitable guard dogs or watchdogs. They are very trusting of strangers, and they’re happy to approach and play with anybody.

Score: 1/10

B. Ease of Training

Due to their identity as a pack dog, Siberian Huskies need to know that their owner is the leader of the pack; once this is established, training should progress smoothly. This breed will occasionally test their owner and attempt to take leadership themselves, but owners can easily combat this by re-establishing their authority.

By making Siberian Huskies wait to eat, owners can clearly demonstrate that they are the keeper of the food, and therefore the leader of the pack. Training a Siberian Husky is difficult, and should be attempted only by experienced pet-owners.

Score: 4/10

C. Playfulness

Siberian Huskies have lots of energy and are generally very affectionate. They are friendly towards their owners, children, and strangers, many of whom often find it difficult to keep up with the playful animal.

Score: 7/10

D. Exercise needs

Siberian Huskies require up to an hour of rigorous exercise every day, and enjoy accompanying their owners on hikes or outdoor sports. This breed is especially energetic, and Siberian Huskies often get lost when they become overly focused on chasing small prey, or simply feel an urge to run.

Score: 9/10

E. Adaptability

Owners beware: Siberian Huskies demand a lot of attention. They aren’t well suited to apartment living, and they cannot tolerate being left alone while their owner is at work. They are quite nervous and jumpy in loud environments. Many novice owners adopt Siberian Huskies after falling in love with the breed’s distinctive beauty, and are quickly shocked by the level of care they require

Score: 4/10

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