1. Moses Basket & Bedding Set

Moses Basket

Woven from pure Moroccan palm leaf, the Moses Basket has been a popular baby bedding solution for centuries and offers baby a comfortable and secure alternative to bassinets and cradles. Recommended for use with newborns up to 15 lbs or 3 months, the Moses basket keeps baby close at hand during an afternoon or evening snooze.

Once your baby outgrows the basket, turn the baby basket into a laundry or storage basket! Warning: Moses basket is NOT for carrying baby; make sure baby is out of the basket before it is picked up or moved.

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2. Baby Changing Table

Changing Table

Changing tables give you a much needed helping hand. With safety belts, rails and shelves, you can keep necessary items within arm’s reach so you’re never tempted to leave your baby unattended. This particular changing table is also design to be at a comfortable height so that it’s easy to swoop in for some baby nuzzling.

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3. Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

A Smart Baby monitor gives you a good view of your baby day and night. You can see and hear your baby 24/7 with HD live streaming, unparalleled night vision, and zoom to get in close. This particular monitor also works over Wi-Fi, even when internet is down!

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4. Baby Bouncer

Baby Bouncer

Everyone needs their own happy place. This infant bouncer is made just for your little one: a babies-only hangout where the only ticket to entry is adorableness. Spin up sweet moments with the colorful pinwheel design, and keep baby calm with smooth vibrations. One happy baby! A toy bar hangs above your baby with cheerful toys that spin and spin. When you’re ready to scoop up your baby, the toy bar easily removes. With a lightweight and portable design, baby’s happy place can be with you.

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5. Pram


This exceptional multipurpose carriage, stroller, and car seat combo is a durable travel stroller that includes the Sarema Infant Car Seat and Safe Zone Base. The Sarema Infant Car Seat features an anti-rebound bar that limits the amount of rebound movement experienced by baby in a frontal impact.

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6. Breastfeeding Pillow

Breastfeeding Pillow

A lot of new moms consult with lactation specialists after becoming exasperated and exhausted, feeling they should instinctively know how to breastfeed their own baby, and not understanding why they’re having trouble. This particular breastfeeding pillow is designed to give moms the confidence they need to feel secure and position them for breastfeeding success. It’ll help alleviate stress and demystify what many new mothers and fathers experience during those first precious months of your newborn baby’s life.

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7. Bath Tub

Bath Tub

Bath Tub 2

The Comfort Height Bath Tub offers ultimate comfort for you and your baby during bath time. An extra platform safely raises the tub, making it comfortable and easier to reach baby during bath time.

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8. Nappy Bag

Nappy Bag 1

Nappy Bag 2

With an artful balance of fashion and function, this modern diaper bag backpack hold all your baby’s gear. Perfect for both Mom and Dad, this backpack has all the must-have features of a classic diaper bag including 2 big compartments and 16 pockets for the ultimate organization, easy-grab handles, mommy pocket for your belongings, as well as custom hardware D-rings for stroller (Pram hooks excluded).

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9. Breast Pump

Breast Pump

Loved by moms and lactation consultants worldwide, the Spectra S1 Plus Premier RECHARGEABLE Breast Pump is designed to bring confidence and comfort to every moment of the breastfeeding journey. The S1 is portable and quickly rechargeable for active moms, and also quiet and discreet for soothing pumping.

The added night light allows you to easily pump at any hour. This pump conveniently weighs only 2.9lbs. With a maximum suction strength of 250mmHg and the ability to be used as a single or double pump, the S1 will be a great asset in your breastfeeding journey.

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10. Nappy Disposal Bin

Nappy Disposal Bin.png

Dispose of your diapers the clean and neat way with the Easy Saver Diaper Pail by Safety 1st. The Safety 1st Odorless Diaper Pail keeps the smell of soiled diapers out of the nursery. It is a convenient one step diaper disposal system and requires no twisting and turning – just drop the diaper in and go.

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11. High Chair

High Chair.png

The Abiie Beyond Junior Y High Chair is so versatile and flexible, it will be the only dining chair your child needs from the time they’re six months old through their adult years. In a matter of seconds this chair transforms from a high chair to a toddler’s chair to a dinning chair, perfectly sized for people of all ages.

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12. Baby Thermometer

Baby Thermometer.png

In times of runny noses and feverish foreheads, you need a thermometer you can trust. Thanks to the clinical calibration technology, the iPROVEN thermometer will give you consistent and accurate measurements time after time.

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